Spirituality Matters

Blogger Astha has an interesting entry about the importance of spirituality:

“Fundamentally . . . what spirituality is about . . . is the underpinning principle which emphasizes that there is greatness inherent in man which has not yet manifested itself. Swami Vivekananda once said that but 90% of our existence is subject to the sphere of rationality. Spirituality is not irrational. It just allows us to concede there is more to us than we know, and more to the universe than we perceive.”

I agree.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, there is more to heaven and earth than is dreamt of in most people's philosophy.

Life is sacred. We are sacred.

The problem with our modern, secular, materialistic, political world is that ...

- we are numbed
- we forget who we are, what we are
- we fall asleep
- we drift
- we get buried

To me, spirituality is our calling. For all people, everywhere. The calling that beckons us to awake, to "rise from our graves" so to speak.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 05/09/06


David Treanor said…
Your list following "The problem with our modern, secular, materialistic, political world is that ..." is great and right on target. My challenge is that I can even "fall asleep" within my spiritual practice--I start taking things for granted in each phase of awakeness. The upside is that eventually I realize I must take new action yet again. Thank you for the reminder.
Terrence said…
Hi David.

Welcome. Glad you found my blog. I will visit your blog later and leave a comment.

I know what you mean. We push the boulder up hill and before we know it, it has rolled back down...and we are asleep.

At a men's ministry prayer group that I am a member of, we were discussing this, just the other night.

We agree with your point that we "must take new action yet again." It's never ending.


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