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Wild Wild Wiki

Freelance writer Elizabeth Svoboda has written a piece about wikipedia for the IEEE Spectrum magazine.

With the controversy that swirled back in January as her starting point, Svoboda explores the uniquely democratic nature (i.e., openness, decentralization, and collaboration) of wikis:

"As the first-ever major reference work with a democratic premise—that anyone can contribute an article or edit an entry—Wikipedia has generated shared scholarly efforts to rival those of any literary or philosophical movement in history. Its signature strength, however, is also its greatest vulnerability."

And for this article, she interviewed Yours Truly, a wikipedian since 2003.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 05/08/2006


Double Dubs said…

Have you seen this post on http://employeeportalsblog.blogspot.com?

"Condé Nast’s has a fancy name for their experiment with Elle Teen - “user-generated content.” Maybe that's another way of saying, “subscriber blogging.” The plan is for Condé Nast to “let its teen readers create content to a degree previously unseen.”"

There seems to be an interesting convergence in so many spaces regarding user generated content. The application to employee communications is huge - we'll see if any of it gets picked up.
Terrence said…
Hey DD,

Welcome back to my blog.

No, I had not seen that post. In fact, I had not heard of that blog. Thanks for mentioning it.

It reinforces what I have been thinking and saying about what blogs and wikis can do for knowledge management and organizational learning.

The key is putting the users (i.e., employees) in the driver seat to generate the content.

Astha said…
Do you think Wikipedia is an example of the Wisdom of the Crowds? I use it all the time and after reading the article, I'm actually quite amazed at this organically growing body of knowledge.

Does this lead to contamination of facts and information? I don’t know. From another perspective- as a psychologist, even the nature of contamination is often of value.

In a tangentially related development, here's a report from the Washington post about a “legislation, which would demand that most recipients of federal grants make their findings available free on the Web within six months after they are published in a peer-reviewed journal”.
Moving the prerogative to exchange, develop and create knowledge from the hands of the elite academics into the hands of their consumers.
Terrence said…
Hello Astha,
I have not read his book, but there is an article on wikipedia:


Scroll down this article and you'll find a link to another site that discusses The Wisdom of Crowds in connection with blogs, wikis, etc.


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