The Essence of Leadership

Leadership is about community (We are...)

Leadership is about purpose (We are here because...)

Leadership is about vision (We are going in this direction...)

Leadership is about mobilizing (OK let's go...)

Looking at organizational leadership then, we can ask: to what extent are all parts of the organization:

- in sync? pulling together?

- clear about the goals?

- clear about roles and accountabilities?

- excited? energized?

Implications for leadership development include building capability in:

- stewardship

- creating community

- clarifying and communicating purpose

- visioning

- engaging people

- mobilizing

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 05/01/06


starbucker said…
Great synthesis Terry; you hit on one aspect ("Community") that you don't see in a lot of other distillations of Leadership. I consider cultivating and nurturing a workplace community, with all of its mutual benefits and support structure, to be one of the biggest challenges for a leader, more so than the stewardship itself. Thanks for pulling that back into my thinking.
Terrence said…
Glad you like it! For me, the concepts of stewardship and community go hand in hand, along with service. You don't see these a lot in business contexts. I guess my thinking is being formed by my volunteer work at my parish.

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