Facilitating Wisdom, Channeling Spirit

When I return home from the monthly Community Leadership Meetings (CLM) at my church, I sometimes wonder, What did we accomplish?

The CLM is around 75 people who comprise the Pastoral Council, the parish Staff, and the five Commissions of our parish: Administration, Liturgy, Formation, Social Concerns, and Community Life. I co-chair the last of these commissions.

Our job, as the community leadership team of the parish, is visioning, which includes:

- providing counsel to the pastor
- thinking long-term
- sensing the pulse of the parish
- identifying needs
- planning and setting goals
- calling others to minister
- forming others in our faith
- developing leadership capability across the parish

We utilize a group process model called Shared Wisdom which helps us to be attuned to the Holy Spirit in order to listen more deeply to one another and reach decisions that we feel are in the best interest of our large and growing congregation.

In my prior blog entry, Beyond Agendas, one of the P's is PRODUCT. At the CLM, our product is wisdom shared while discerning the calling of the Spirit.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 06/14/06


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