Are You "T" Shaped?

Blogger Dorai, at Dorai's Learn Log, has a cool entry about some of the characteristics of good bloggers.

I hope I measure up well. The one about being "T" shaped is intriguing: the T-shaped blogger has a deep interest in some subject(s), with a broad cross-disciplinary interest in many diverse areas.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 07/06/06


Mohamed Taher said…
Hi Terry
I am happy that I am visiting a blogger from NB. I am an alumni of Rutgers, f.y.i

I clicked at a comment (Nimmy's blog) and went ahead from you to Dorai's Blog that educates, and offers a learning opportunity. However, the intensity and extensity of this opportunity is yet to be ascertained, I think!!! See my 2 cents worth, listed below.

Thanks for the excellent lead on T-shapped Bloggers. So, now we know that there are some shapes of bloggers (I am kidding).

Best, Mohamed

My recent blog posts:
1. Blog As A Teaching Tool
2. Visualizing Comments on Blogs
3. I have KM intiatives at my Multifaith Blog.
Terrence said…
Hello Mohamed,
Welcome to my blog. It's nice to meet a fellow Rutgers alum.

Nimmy is one of my favorite bloggers. Isn't it interesting how one blog can lead you to another and another and so on?

Glad you stopped by.


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