Gotta Big Question? Ask the Internet.

Stephen Hawking and Bono have some big questions and they want lots of input from a global sample. How are they getting it? Go to the internet.

Hawking wants to know: How can the human race survive the next hundred years?

Bono wants to know: What can we do to make poverty history?

I've responded to both, along with tens of thousands of other people. I wonder how Hawking and Bono will weed through all the answers to find the gems?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 07/10/06


It's a great way for Yahoo! to promote their Answers site, and hopefully some gems will emerge from those piles of thousands of answers. I assume that user votes will help somewhat, but probably lots of gems will stay at least semi-buried.
Terrence said…
Hey Easton,
Welcome to my blog.
I would love it if a few gems surfaced that would really make a difference, especially with regard to poverty and hunger around the world.
Thanks for stopping by.

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