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Just a week ago, my church, St. Matthias Roman Catholic in Somerset NJ, finished participating in our first foray into the Interfaith Hospitality Network. In a nutshell, we played host to several homeless families for two weeks. Before us, these guests stayed with another church elsewhere in the area. After us, they were off to another church...or maybe to their own apartment or home.

Sheltering the homeless is the right thing to do.

Via a posting about One Laptop Per Child by Greg Deatz, I picked up a link to Astha's blog , about providing laptops to people in India, where she provides a link to a Wired article about how the internet is empowering the homeless, which led to this blogger who is homeless.

Another example of "following the bread crumbs" in the blogosphere!

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 07/16/06


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