Is MySpace Subversive?

Friend, IT Guy, and blogger Greg Deatz is wondering if new technology can be a subversive and disruptive force in society. He asks, Is the path to enlightenment through disruption and subversion?

Interesting questions. The answer is probably "Yes" and depends on how you view words like "subversive" and "disruptive."

Words like subversion and disruption are loaded with connotations sometimes. Subversion, for example, sounds vaguely unpatriotic, like somebody plotting the overthrow of the government. And disruption sounds vaguely anarchic, like somebody plotting to blow up the telephone switching building.

To Greg's question, Is the path to enlightenment through subversion and disruption? In the West our paradigm, I believe, has always been that the path to enlightenment is through education that forms and shapes a person.

Maybe "subversion and disruption" are simply methods of education?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 07/14/06


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