Socio-Technical Zen

KM guru and blogger Dinesh Tantri at Organic KM has a cool entry on the new socio-technical wave in organizational learning.

I like his 4 steps =

1. Find/Filter - This is the step where people in an organization use "machine intelligence + community filtering (to locate and sort through) relevant content and conversations"

2. Sensemaking

3. Act

4. Reflect

...though I wonder if it is really three steps, where step one is woven into the dynamic of sensemaking? Anyhow, great thoughts.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 07/13/06


Dinesh Tantri said…
I agree with your observation. While filtering/finding could be a part of the sensemaking process,the problem we need to address is the amount of time we spend in doing this.9 times out of 10, content is not reusbale in the format it is found and that is where I thought true sensemaking begins.
Terrence said…
Welcome, Dinesh.
I have been fascinated by Weick's concept of sensemaking since first encountering it in college many years ago. It's exciting that it is finding a renewed life in this era of blogs and wikis and the new wave in KM and OL.

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