Hold Hands and Run Together

At Astha's blog, in an entry about leadership, she tells the following little story:

"In my bachelor’s social psychology course, my teacher used to tell us a story of how some social scientists went to an Indian village. There, as an experiment, they organized a race between some kids and told them that kids who got to the line fastest, would get sweets. To their shock the kids all held hands and ran to the line together. To the children, that seemed like the most natural thing to do. I think we need to learn how to hold hands and run together — that ought to be the true definition of leadership."

What a great image!

Astha says: "...the more you look around the world, the more evident it becomes that unless we learn how to share and be in community with people around us...none of us are going to get anywhere..."

A refreshingly different view of leadership. One based on the notion of sharing and community.

I love it!

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 08/09/06


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