The Lasting Impact of Leaders

Consultant and blogger Don Blohowiak has an entry about the legacy of leaders, where he writes: "Whoa! The legacy of your actions as an individual leader may be more important than any of us thought."

Earlier in her career, my wife Joan was an elementary school music teacher. She taught many little kids in those days.

Fast forward to today, my wife is the music director at our church. It's not unusual for her to meet some of her former students when they come to her to plan their weddings.

They still call her "Miss Best" and they can still sing some of the ditties and folk songs that Joan had taught them when they were young.

I offer this as an example of one category of leaders, in this case teachers, who have a lasting impact. Certainly on the lives of their students. And probably on the world as well.

Last year, I heard the Dalai Lama speak at Rutgers. One of the things he recommended that we do right away is start teaching peace to children. If we start now, he said, maybe in 100 years we will see the fruit of that endeavor.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 08/07/06


Astha said…
That's a really nice thought!
Terrence said…
Hi Astha,
Welcome back. Good to hear from you again.

Have you read my entry about marginality? You may find it relevant to your OD studies.

BTW...Recently, I have tried to leave a comment at your blog, but have been encountering some difficulty.

Astha said…
Hi Terry,

I just got done with my summer catching up on aaaall the posts I have missed. Will definitely read the post on marginality.

Live spaces just launched- so the blogging platform's been experiencing difficulties. I think the comments are back on now :)

It's amazing how you find consistently insightful thoughts to express on your posts!

Good to be back,

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