Changing For The Better

At my thirtieth high school reunion a couple years ago, there were various prizes awarded. I won the prize for The Most Changed. (Hint: In high school, I had black wavy hair. Today I am bald as an egg.)

My wife Joan and I talk about change a lot. She will often say that she hates change. Especially those things that change irrevocably like the death of a parent or a sibling.

At the same time, we are experiencing positive changes all the time. Like seeing our eldest son Kevin grow to be over six feet tall, enroll in college, and go off to film school in California this Summer. It seems like yesterday that he and his younger brother Dave were curly haired Little Kickers running down the soccer field.

It's intriguing to me that I pursued a career in a field that is all about change: training and organization development. Would Dick Richards say that it has something to do with my genius? my purpose in life?

That's what we do in life, change. All of us. No exceptions. We all change.

Maybe what differentiates us is how we are changing. Are we learning and growing, becoming (in the Carl Rogers sense) and reaching toward our potential? Or are we hardening and contracting?

Are we changing for the better?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 09/20/06


Dick Richards said…
"Would Dick Richards say that it has something to do with my genius? my purpose in life?"

With your purpose, yes. With your genius, maybe. Take me as an example. My genius--Creating Clarity--might be put to many uses having little to do with change. But I put it to use with change because my purpose lies in that region.
Terrence said…
Hey Dick,

Welcome back!

I am still resonating with your work, as you can see.


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