Imagine That!

In graduate school many moons ago, pursuing my masters degree in Education at Rutgers, I studied with author, artist, poet, and new paradigm research scientist Jon Klimo (whose massive book on channeling is the definitive work in the field).

What a trip! Klimo was (and apparently still is, thank goodness) one of the most brilliant and "far out there" people I have ever met.

As part of the Creative Arts in Education program that Klimo pioneered, we studied thinking, learning, creativity, intuition, and imagination. His ideas on imagination in particular still resonate with me twenty four years later.

Imagine my delight to see that Dave Pollard's recent entry at How to Save the World is on the process of imagining.

Pollard reminds me of Klimo in this piece, especially in his recommendations to:

- Remember your dreams
- Change your point of view
- Explore your mental images
- Transport yourself
- Open your senses
- Make connections
- Make time and space for imagining

And I really like his suggestion of "Setting a bold positive objective" such as ending world hunger.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 09/29/06


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