On HR and Happiness and Asking Good Questions

Over at Management Craft, Lisa Haneberg asked Is it time we got rid of HR? and I wrote:

What needs to change is that HR needs to "pull itself together" and reinvent itself as a strategic, systems thinking, business partner focusing (like a laser beam!) on the really important stuff, e.g.

- talent (developing, tapping, unleashing)

- culture (creating great values-based workplaces where people can flourish and do their best work)

- results (removing the obstacles, creating alignment, equipping people for success)

- profitability and growth (including a commitment to building wealth for employees)

- purpose and stewardship

Also, at The Chief Happiness Officer blog, blogger Alexander Kjerulf has made my day by adding my blog to his list of Happy At Work blogs.

And Don Blohowiak mentioned me at his blog in a piece about asking good questions.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 09/10/06


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