Real Leaders Ask for Help

Many years ago, when I first entered the field of Training and Development, I was sent by my employer to be certfied in a leadership development training program. One of the leadership principles taught was a simple yet powerful maxim: Ask for help in solving the problem.

At Leadership. Now, consultant and blogger Don Blohowiak has another great blog entry where he salutes Bill Ford for recognizing that Ford Motor Company needed a new leader.

An excerpt:

"But in the face of continuously declining vehicle sales and market share, Bill Ford dug deep...(and) decided to do what all wise leaders do about their limitations: Recognize them and compensate for them with the help of others.

"Bill Ford reached out to an executive whose skills and experiences were different from and complementary to his own.

"Real leadership is knowing your limitations and getting assistance to move you past what you don’t have. Real leaders ask for help.

"It took more than a little guts for a guy who spent his whole life carrying a name and legacy ladened with unimaginable expectations to publicly surrender — at 49, in the prime of his life — the mantle of power in a legendary, global, industrial giant.

"Sometimes the most powerful and important thing we can do is give up something — even when that something at one time or another seemed like the most important thing in the world to us."

Asking for help in solving the problem looks easy...but it often isn't.

It may require a conversion of the heart.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 09/07/06


Astha said…
Dot on. A leader who can reach out to others, and ask for help- has also transcended his/her petty ego, and learnt to view the work as separate and distinct from his/her self.

PS: With all the great stuff on leadership that's aggregated on your blog, you should think of putting together a leadership handbook Terry. Maybe call it "Leadership Posts"
Terrence said…
Thank you, Astha. You have made my day!


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