Reloading Your Accumulator

Our good friend from Germany, Wolfgang, wrote to us early in the Summer to recommend that we take a vacation. He wrote: " need some time to relax and to reload your accumulator, and I know from my own experience that it is far the best to do it away from home."

Never having heard the phrase "reload your accumulator" before, I plugged it into Google Translate and converted it to German: deinen Akkumulator neu laden.

Question to my German readers: Does that phrase make sense to you?

As the Summer passed, Wolfgang's recommendation went with us. At each place we visited, we would recall his admonition to "reload your accumulator" and we would do our best to live up to it.

Did we reload our accumulator successfully? Yes, I think we did. We got away from home. We went to new places. We enjoyed nature. And we relaxed with friends.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 09/28/06


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