Summoning Positive Energy

A job hunting buddy of mine asked me, How do I summon positive energy when the grind of the search tires me out? Good question.

As I think about some of the things that work for me, the common denominator is Change. Change what I'm doing. Move to a different room or spot. Go outside and take a walk, get some air, some light.

Breathe. I love certain smells. Coffee. Sage. Clean laundry. A good smell can stir up memories, change my mood, and even inspire the creative impulse.

Talk with someone. Pick up the phone. Go to a meeting. Just get some talk going. It doesn't have to be deep.

Listen to music. I've always found music to be a good transporter, a way to take me away from the present, from the burdens of the moment. Like music, the sound of bells and wind-chimes can take me away.

Read some inspirational writing. Henri Nouwen is a favorite.

What else works for you?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 09/01/06


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