When KM Meets OD

Jim Murphy has a new question at the Mass Bay OD Learning Community Blog: What can organizational development practitioners learn from Knowledge Management?

(The NJ OD Learning Community addressed a similar question a couple years ago when Stephan Kudyba of NJIT spoke on the strategic implications of KM.)

Murphy's question arose from a presentation given by Bruce Hoppe and Patti Anklam to the Mass Bay OD Group, where they identified several challenges...

- Change management
- Talent management
- Learning organization
- Collaboration

...that not only face knowledge management practitioners, but organization development practitioners as well.

You can view their presentation here.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 09/23/06


Gautam Ghosh said…
Hi Terrance

We had some thoughts here and here on the same topic.


Terrence said…
Yes I do, GG. There is a sense of deja vu, but that's OK. Some business issues (like KM) are too big to expect that they will be easily or quickly solved.

Good to hear from you!


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