Disney HR Quiz

Q. Which of the following job categories receives more training dollars at Disney World?

- Characters (Micket, Minnie, Chip, Dale, etc.)

- Customer Service employees

- Maintenance employees such as sweepers

- Security employees

A. Sweepers

Sweepers??? Well, according to Greg Taylor of Lee Hecht Harrison, who was the featured speaker this morning at an HR meeting in Parsippany, NJ, it is the theme park sweepers who not only keep the parks immaculately clean, but who also advise guests on the best places to take a cranky child or to change an infant's diaper.

Taylor pointed out that: "One often hears patrons say, “I couldn’t believe how knowledgeable and friendly the groundskeeper was. S/he was eager to answer our question, and was very well informed. Even though it wasn’t part of their job, they took the time to really help us.” In fact, such helping is a key part of the job of “sweepers” at Disney."

This example was offered in a talk about how HR and Training can operate more strategically by making operating decisions (e.g. where to put training dollars) that are closely aligned with the organization's mission, vision, and goals.

Great presentation.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 10/19/06


Dick Richards said…
Terrence - that's a nice story.

I once worked with a financial services company that was demutualizing. They paid special attention to the folks who kept the HQ lobby clean because stock valuators would be marching through there to visit upstairs. Those floor sweepers knew that they made a difference during that whole process.

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