Large Scale Change

The Mass Bay OD Learning Group has another intriguing question posted at their blog:

When are large group interventions called for?

Interesting question. I'd say: Use a large group intervention when the scale you are working on is large and complex. For example, when you are attempting to change the entire system.

A few years ago, I was part of the team that was working on the redesign of our parish organization. Since we were trying to address the entire system, we brought a large group of parishioners together in a meeting in the school cafeteria for a day-long visioning session.

Using facilitators, small group breakouts, and structured discussions, we were able to gather the wisdom of the large group, compile it all into a working document, and create parish-wide excitement about change.

The other night at the PRODN meeting, guest and OD legend Marv Weisbord was asked by moderator Michael Broom, "What do you think you will be most remembered for?"

Marv gave several answers, but stressed one in particular: "Get the whole system in the room."

I think that any time you endeavor to get the whole system in the room, you are attempting a large scale change.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 10/28/06


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