More on the ROI of Blogging

The other day, a headhunter was interviewing me and asked me about my blog. He wanted to know why I had one. In answering, I told him about the experience I had a few months back with a group of senior HR people who thought I was crazy for blogging and tried to discourage me. I was dismayed by their negativity, but I was not dissuaded.

The headhunter's comment was, "Terry, You're an interesting guy."

Via Maria Palma's blog, I found Tom Vander Well's piece on the ROI of Blogging where he makes several good points about the value of blogging:

- Blogging extends your reach
- Blogging increases your findability
- Blogging boosts your RBI (relationship buildng intentionality)

What motivates me to blog?

- It's a way to express my thoughts on topics of interest to me.
- It's a way of connecting with people globally.
- It's a marketing tool.
- It's free.
- I like to write.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 10/01/06


Gautam Ghosh said…

Maybe there is a deeper reason why folks like us blog? At a value level ?
Terrence said…
OD/HR folks like us? I know what you mean, Gautam.


Astha said…
Sometimes its easy to forget that as bloggers we're still pretty much on the fringes of the actual work community. And barely in the long tail of the HR/OD world!

In the introduction to the first section of Organizational Development Classics- The Best of the OD Practitioner, the editor's write: "One purpose of OD is to help people be as effective as possible in the present, but another purpose is to prepare people for living in the different world of the future"

I think blogging provides me a little window into what might be 'tomorrow'.

It keeps me humble- amazed at the creative, passionate, insightful and innovative people I've met in the blogosphere (And you're right at the top of the list Terry!)

It keeps me learning. It gives me a little place in the world I'm free to paint purple if I wish! And it also gives me the first impression advantage when I go to meet recruiters.
Terrence said…
Great points, Astha!

I especially like ...

- window to tomorrow


- free to paint purple


Tom Vander Well said…
Way to go, Terry. The blogosphere is a better place with you in it! Blog on!
Terrence said…
Thanks, Tom!



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