Something You Do In Your Room

With millions of bloggers in the blogosphere, there are those who still wonder "What the heck is a blogger anyway and why would you want to be one?"

Photographer and blogger Bruce DeBoer , who has a nice writing style, offers a good definition of blogging:

Blogs [or “web logs” said fast 20 times] are small websites with a common format. The participants are either authors (posters) or visitors (commentators). Authors rant – visitors respond, it’s a simple format. Imbedded in the blog are links to other blogs made through footnote-like connections, lists of the Author’s favorite bloggers, or a link credited to the responder. Through these links, dedicated blog-aholics can build a web substantial enough to snag large enterprises.

I love the name of his blog: Permission to Suck. That may sound crude or awful to some sensitive ears, but what Bruce is getting at is the fearlessness and freedom to fail that creativity depends upon.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 10/12/06


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