Welcome AI Annotations!

I am pleased to pass along the announcement, circulated this morning on the ODNET listserv, on the arrival of a new blog, Appreciative Inquiry Annotations.

Here's a part of Loretta Donovan's e-mail:

"Dear Friends, I am excited to share some important news with the OD community. During the summer, some members of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting came together to conceptualize and plan a blog. Appreciative Inquiry Annotations is the work of Sandy Wells, Roberta Peirick, Roz Kay, Tony Silbert, Loretta Randolph, Susan Donnan and yours truly. AI Annotations is a place to create a conversation - an exchange of ideas and practices - among the co-owners of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting and with others who are on the journey of exploration and collective understanding of Appreciative Inquiry. Everyone has access to the blog and can add to the comments. "

This is good news for all of those who have an interest in learning, change, organizations, and improving our world.

For more info on Appreciative Inquiry, go here and here.

By the way, Loretta has a blog, called Incidental Learning. Great name.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 10/18/06


Loretta Donovan said…

You are so kind and supportive to spread the word of our AI Annotations blog. Just shy of two weeks in the blogosphere, we have over 400 people as readers! I hope we live up to everyone's expectations and bring more positive change into the world.

All the best,

Terrence said…
400 readers? How wonderful! Way to go, Loretta.

Positive change in the world is what it's all about.

Keep on blogging!



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