"and now for something completely different" in getting an interview

Thanks to Michael Schaffner, who pointed me to the website of Lockard and White, a Houston, Texas based telecom company, with a unique approach to their careers page. An excerpt:

If you want to be considered for employment at L&W you first have to get an interview with us. To get an interview follow these steps:

- DO NOT send us your resume! (We won’t respond.)

- DO NOT email us!

- DO make personal contact (TALK and interact) with one of our leadership team members or any of our other team members.

In other words use your creativity to meet one of the L&W team and get to know something about them and L&W. Make sure the L&W team member gets to know you in the process.

After talking with and interacting with one of our team members, the L&W team member will decide if they think you have what it takes to be part of L&W. If they are willing to “sponsor” you for an interview, they will then set the wheels in motion to make it happen!

What a smart organization! L&W is saying "Show us what sort of networker you really are and maybe we will give you a shot."

I would daresay there are not a lot of others out there like L&W, though some organizations do hire this way. Just not so intentionally.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 11/29/06


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