How Avaya Manages Change

This morning, I attended an excellent presentation on how Avaya drives transformational business change, sponsored by the New Jersey Organization Development Learning Community, hosted by Kraft Foods in East Hanover NJ.

Given by Doug Reinstein, Director of Change Management at Avaya, some of my takeaways include:

- There are three kinds of business change: "burning platforms," business transformations, and "good ideas." The first type is about survival. The third type is about incremental improvement. Business transformation --e.g., process change, technology change, product change-- is where the action is . . . if you really want to reach a new level of organizational effectiveness.

- Most business transformations flop because of failure to handle people issues. Have a robust toolkit for change management that includes stakeholder management, communication, training, job design, performance management, measurement, and deployment.

- Do not pursue business transformation without a clear and compelling business case for the change.

- Keeping score is critical, but it's more than just having metrics. You have to publish the metrics continually. And provide appropriate consequences, both positive and negative.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 11/14/06


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