Singing the Corporate Song and Other Corporate Culture Foibles

HR brand blogger Regina Miller highlights this HR nightmare video of a guy singing an ode to his company's greatness, to the tune of a U2 song.

You gotta watch this video.

You'll laugh (at the corporate dorkiness on display); you'll be impressed (by how well this guy can sing); and you may be saddened (that such lame stuff goes on inside corporations in the name of promoting corporate culture).

As a former Corporate Culture Guy (yes, I was the Manager of Culture, believe it or not, at two telecom companies in the '90's), this kind of thing is the lowest of the low in corporate culture. Although there are times for celebration, corporate culture is not a party where everybody toots on kazoos.

A CEO I once worked for understood it very well. He would say that corporate culture was his people (i.e., the knowledge, experience, and attitudes) and how they operated (i.e., the behaviors, processes, and systems) day in and day out. He called it his "secret weapon" which no competitor could duplicate.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 11/22/06


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