Talk to the Guy at the Coffee Urn

At a networking meeting this morning at Lee Hecht Harrison, consultant, author, and speaker Michael Goldberg, of Building Blocks Consulting, gave an invigorating talk on the power of networking.

Defining networking in down-to-earth terms, Goldberg offered a host of how-to's to kick up a networking effort. Some of the points that struck me:

- What is networking? Goldberg says that it's the proactive approach to meeting people in order to learn from them and help them.

- The ABC of networking: Always Be Connecting - I love that.

- Networking is farming, not hunting - Just like with farming, to reap a healthy crop, you need to work the soil, plant the seeds, water the ground, pull the weeds etc. It takes time and continuous care.

- "Know where you want to hang out" - If you don't know what you want, what you like doing, or where you want to do it, you may be in for a looong search. (Curiously, Nick Corcodilos emphasized this point the same way: Who do you want to hang out with?)

- Say "hi" to the guy at the coffee urn - You never know who he or she may be. Even if he turns out to be just another nervous job hunter, network with him: listen, learn, and see how you can help him.

- Out of sight, out of mind - Follow up with contacts on a regular basis.

- Have a list of media contacts - I wonder how many job hunters have that? I would bet close to zero.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 11/16/06


I think your "Out of sight, out of mind - Follow up with contacts on a regular basis." is one ot the most important suggestions.

True networking is a relationship not an encounter. As such,it has to be on-going. If you don't nurture and maintain it, it will die. For those of us in transition by "die" I mean people will assume you've landed and will quickly forget about you. Since you've stopped bringing anything of value to the relationship they quite naturally let this happen.

One of the best tips I've received is to at least once a month contact everyone in your network either by phone or email to let them know what is going on with you and for you to see how you can help them. You'll be amazed by the results.
Terrence said…
Yes, networking is a relationship. That is, it's two way. Not just getting, but giving as well.

A friend recently showed me the career page for Lockard and White a telecommunications company.

This is a rather interesting approach in that it requires you to network your way into the company.
Terrence said…
Wow, Michael, that is different! Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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