"You CAN affect change."

Last night, my wife Joan shared a neat idea she learned about at a rummage sale at a church in Hillsborough area.

Called "You CAN affect Change," it is a tag attached to a can of soda, sold at the rummage sale. The tag says the following:

"Please enjoy this soda. Rinse the can when you are finished and fill it with your pocket change. When the can is full, please drop it off at church. The money raised will support our mission trips during 2007. With your support, we will be changing lives for the better. Thank you for your help acheving our goals."

What a great idea. Simple. Easy to implement. Involves lots of people. Snowballs with potential.

That's the secret, I believe, to change management.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 11/08/06


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