The Future of Global Talent Management

I had the good fortune this week to attend two presentations on Talent Management, the first given by Vas Nair at Schering-Plough (sponsored by the NJ ODN), the second by consultant Anna Tavis at Fairleigh Dickinson University (sponsored by The Center for Human Resources Management Studies), here in New Jersey.

Some learnings:

- Remember that "talent" means people; embed your talent management process within your overall "people strategy" for the business

- Be aware of the dangers in the "star system" approach to talent management

- In addition to assessing people on performance and potential, look at what it would mean if you lost the employee

- Incorporate social network analysis to identify the people who are key to your organization's knowledge flows

- Look at the entire "talent ecosystem" in and around your organization; talent pools are global now

- Consider higher intelligence such as Danah Zohar's concept of "spiritual intelligence"

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 12/16/06


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