OD Blogs Abound

For a long time, I wondered if there were other OD blogs out there in the blogosphere. It was always a delight to find one, such as Gautam Ghosh, Astha Parmar, Steve Pashley, and the Mass Bay OD blog that Jim Murphy moderates.

Now thanks to Karl Albrecht's discussion thread at ODNet, other organization development blogs have come into view, including:

Bill Harris' Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

Mario Gastaldi's Sviluppo delle Organizzazioni (in Italian)

Rich Foss' 7 Paths

Jan Yuill's The Heartbeat

Steve Dahlberg's Applied Imagination

Kartik's OD and more

If you have an OD blog you'd like to promote, you are invited to promote it here.

Added Note 12/16: Brian Childs has an OD blog at Bowling Green State University.

Added Note 12/20: Bill Harris reminds me of several more blogs (see his comment) including Professor Sandy Kristin Piderit at Case.

Added Note 1/20: Tina has an OD blog for the CCODN.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 12/14/06


Gautam Ghosh said…
I was just about to refer you Karthik's OD blog, as he's just started building it :-)
Terrence said…
It's synchronicity at work, I think ;-)
R. Kerle said…
A new on-line global community of practice is starting to develop at www.cstc-apa.com The Creative Skills Training Council Asia Pacifc and Australia. There are 81 members all with their own blogs and we have been running Global Forums on themes such as "what is a creative skill?". Please check us out.
Ralph Kerle
Steve Pashley said…
The only one on my list that you didn't mention is The Training Designers Weblog by Werner Kuper (in Belgium I think) - Posts about facilitation, learning and training. It's at http://www.trainingdesign.be

There must be more out here - somewhere?

Anonymous said…
Terrence, thanks for assembling this list (and for mentioning my blog). Here are some more you may want to peruse.

Bob Gilbert has done some very interesting stuff with high performance organizations; I've written about him a few times. He's got a rather quiet blog at http://www.bobgilbertconsulting.com/bobgblog/.

Sandy Kristin Piderit has a good blog at http://blog.case.edu/kep2/.

The Ackoff Center has a Weblog on systems thinking at http://ackoffcenter.blogs.com/ackoff_center_weblog/; that seems at least related to OD.

Finally, Tom Peters, while not exactly an OD consultant (either internal or external) does have interesting ideas that often make me think. His blog is at http://tompeters.com/.
Freudian Slip said…
Ah yes, now this is the power of the internet in motion. Thanks for the links! Looks like more reading for me :)
gl said…
HI...not sure how I found your blog...but I AM impressed. Keep up the good work,

Minneapolis, MN
Terrence said…
Hey gl,
Glad you found your way here.

I dig you blog ;-)

tina said…
Terrence, thanks for stopping by the CCODN blog and leaving a comment!

I guess I'm a "serial blogger" - I first started blogging as a reflective practice during my Masters program in Positive Organization Development (MPOD) at CWRU. Now I host a couple of group blogs and run a local "green living" blog. More to come?

A colleague and I have proposed a pre-conference workshop for the 2007 ODN Conference on applying Web2.0 technologies (e.g. blogging) to OD. Cross your fingers that the proposal is accepted!

Other great OD-related blogs you might include on your list:

Nancy White's online facilitation blog, Full Circle Online Interaction:

Chris Corrigan's Open Space blog, Parking Lot:

Shawn Callahan's business narrative blog, Anecdote: www.anecdote.com.au

And finally for coaching, I really like Hanna Cooper's blog, Making a Difference:
Terrence said…
Hey Tina,
Thanks for stopping by. And for the additional list of blogs. I have visited Hanna Cooper's. I'll check the others out.

Good luck on your proposal. I hope it's accepted.


Hey Terrence,

I'm thrilled to finally find your blog and the others. Please add mine to your list. It is http://www.chumans.com/blog/.

It would be great to get some mutual guest blogging going!

Michael Broom

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