Slay Ride: Musing on Dragons

Faced with a dragon, what would you do? Slay it? Ride it?

At Dick Richard's blog, Come Gather Round, he muses about riding dragons, "leaping from the known to the unknown, from daily life to the sacred, from the mind that is aware of itself to the unconscious." Like Dick, I am a fan of poet Robert Bly, a word-shaman who dared to enter the dragon's lair of the imagination.

At Dave Seah's blog, he addresses the difficult task of slaying life's dragons and points to Laura Young's blog , The Dragon Slayer's Guide to Life.

Dave's blog also has a nice pic of a bottle of Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky. Last night, my good friend Greg Deatz, of The Information Dirt Road blog, served me a dram of Bowmore Islay single malt. Delicious.

Just the sort of drink for those who deal with dragons.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 12/18/06


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