Tag! I'm It.

Blogger TJ Starbucker, at Ramblings from a Glass Half Full, has tagged me in a blog game where you must divulge "5 Things You Don't Know About Me."

OK...here goes.

1. My Myers Briggs type is INTP and my Holland Code is ASE.

2. As a child, my career dream was to become a Catholic priest and I remember telling my parents that they could live with me in my rectory.

3. My middle name is Henry (named after my great-grandfather Henry who came from Ahrem near Koln in Germany). With the initials TH to start with, I took the name Edward for my Confirmation name so that I would be THE Seamon.

4. My second son Dave is named after my father's first-cousin John Hickey. Confused? John was famous in our family for calling people "Dave," in the same way you might call someone buddy or pal. When my son was born, it just felt right (to me) to finally name someone after John's favorite nickname.

5. My favorite time of year is Christmas time. With 15 days to go, I am feeling excited. Last night we watched one of our perennial favorites Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol and I am still humming the Jules Styne and Bob Merrill tune about razzleberry dressing. That cartoon (as well as the great Alistair Sim version of the Dickens story) always gets me in the right mood for Christmas, the holiday about God's transforming breakthrough into our hearts.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 12/10/06


Anonymous said…
Thanks for your contribution to this "chain" Terry! I'm an old Christmas lover too - especially of some of the great hymns like "Silent Night". All the best.
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