All Choked Up

Last night, I read Regina's farewell post, saying that she will be signing off for awhile. I was saddened.

But she goes on to say "I am going to resurrect HR's Brand New Experience via in the spring after my journey to India. "

So she will be back. I'm happy about that.

Today I'm sitting here wondering why I should even care what another blogger does or doesn't do? Regina and I have never met; we are certainly not old friends. So why the emotions when I read her news?

In her second paragraph, Regina says the following:

It feels weird that I will going "blogless" for a few months. Yea, it has become an identity for me - I am blogger! It's given me the chance to think, to write, to formulate ideas, to communicate with smart, smart people who I have come to trust and depend on in my network - Dubs, Gautam, Astha, Terrence, Shannon, Bruce, Max, Lisa, Anita, Diane, Dennis, Don, Recruiting Animal, and so many others. I will keep up with you via your blogs and goings-on.

Regina, You are right. It does feel weird. We bloggers are connecting and forming relationships. It's a new kind of relationship.

Though most bloggers I have encountered are truly strangers to me, I have noticed curious signs of community where wisdom is shared; affirmations are given; even caring is sometimes displayed.

Bon voyage, Regina. Have a great time in India. We will watch for your return.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 1/19/07


regina said…
Terry, thanks for your wonderfully kind post. I am choked up now too...and to think all of us have never even met face to face. It's a brave new world. Glad to hear about your new gig via Linked In...Talk soon....I'll be back!

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