Amazing Stuff from Astha

Being busy on a consulting assignment, I haven't had time to post. But I have kept tabs on some of my favorite bloggers, such as Astha, who has been publishing some amazing pieces such as:

Open Source and Change through Improvisation where she muses on applying the idea of "open source" design to management and organization development.

Boring Goody Two Shoes Ineffective HR where she joins me in responding to another blogger's post on HR's role in leading change.

None of Our Business? where she talks about shibumi and wonders if it is a valid topic for business. (I think it is too, Astha.)

The Thorn in Our Sides: More on Performance Appraisals where she tackles one of my favorite topics and makes a startling and magnificent leap from traditional thinking on the issue to Peter Senge's formula for creating adaptive organizations! (Way to go!)

Disobedience, Creativity & Lightbulbs where she mentions my piece on "intelligent disobedience" along with a sprinkling of other interesting blog links.

Why I love OD where, like many other deeply committed ODers, she muses about why she entered the field and what it's all about.

There's a lot more at Astha's blog including musings on power, happiness, spirituality, as well as great photo albums from her travels.

Great stuff. Keep on blogging, Astha.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 1/27/07


astha said…
Gosh Terry! You made my day :)

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