The Nexus is Coming

The Nexus for Change is coming!

Sounds like something out of Star Trek, no?

Actually it's a meeting in Ohio next month of some world-class level people from the field of organization development. People like Billie Alban, Peter Block, Barbara Bunker, Harrison Owen, and Marv Weisbord.

It's described as:

An unprecedented conference bringing together practitioners, researchers, leaders, activists, and educators to advance participative change methods.

Sounds great. Wish I could go.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 2/18/07


astha said…
It does! Would be great if they podcasted it :)
Tina Kreminski said…
Terry and Astha -

I don't know if there are plans to podcast the conference, but I know there is a pre-conference online "fishbowl" February 26 that is being live-blogged and recorded.

I'll paste the URL into this post, but if it breaks up, just go to the web site and look for the "On-Line Fishbowl" link in the right navbar.
Gabriel Shirley said…
The pre-conference Online Fish Bowl includes a hosted telephone conversation among several thought leaders that will be recorded and made available as a podcast.

My understanding (though I can't confirm at this moment) is that portions of the conference in Ohio will be available online via technology provided by ULiveAndLearn.
Terrence said…
Hi Tina and Gabriel,
Thanks for the additional info about ways we might participate in this event.

I went to your blog, Dancing Fish, and checked out Attendr. Great way for folks to connect!


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