"We Help People Change to Be Successful"

I learned yesterday, in a conversation with a consultant, that some years ago a very well-known consulting firm had a simple but powerfully compelling mission statement:

~ We help people change to be successful.

What an excellent mission statement. Short. Simple. Memorable.

And evocative: What people? What change? What does success mean?

As I think about it, it's dawning on me that this could be my life mission statement. It fits all of my major undertakings in life, including maintaining and strengthening my marriage, raising two sons, training employees for 25 years, facilitating organizational change, and deepening my faith.

What is your mission statement?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 2/22/07


Anonymous said…
Pamela said…
Good for you that your life mission statement is to help people change to be successful. May you find the answers on how to help people. Sharing to them your life experiences might help them in their personal development.
astha said…
I loved the order in which you list your undertakings Terry-- its the small things which speak out.

Even your presence seems to emanate positive change- it has for me!
Terrence said…
Hello Pamela.
Welcome to my blog.
In visiting your website, I get the impression that you have a similar mission.
Terrence said…
Hi Astha,
Thanks for the affirmation!
I agree about the small things...
Steve Pashley said…
Terry, your post prompted me to revisit what i say about my mission on my site. Currently I say "I aim to help managers and clinicians excel at managing needed change and ultimately, to excel at creating effective and sustainable organisations that will thrive.."

I thought this was pretty tight until i read your post!
I also realise that I say this on my main site's homepage but not on my blog.

I will mull...and hopefully act!

Terrence said…
Hey Steve,
I'm glad this entry prompted you to re-mull your mission. That's one of the great things about this blogging community.

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