Do You SpeedGeek?

One of the great benefits of being an active participant in the blogosphere is that you interact with such diverse people, from many fields, from all over the world. And you learn so many interesting new phrases, such as:

- Get the moose on the table - Roughly the same as "the elephant in the room."

- Bite through the sour apple - A flavorful Dutch saying for delivering bad news.

And today's find, SpeedGeeking, a rapid-fire and fun way to rapidly find out about all the projects going on in a company or department.

I will look for a way to try this.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 3/15/07


Alexander said…
I looked up a few Danish expressions for ya, that I thought you might enjoy:
"He's pouring water out of his ears" - means he's just talking to hear his own voice. He's talking but saying nothing important.

"Walking in too small shoes" - Being petty.

"That's where the dog is buried" - That's where the real problem is.
marnie webb said…
Glad to help you find out about a new term. FWIW, I've most frequently encountered speed geeking at conferences -- as an interlude in the general "sit and listen" type of workshops.
Terrence said…
Hi Alexander,
Thanks for the sayings!
Terrence said…
Hi Marnie,
I'd like to experience speed geeking some time.
Alex said…
Great idea! I'll moot it to the powers that be...


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