Framework for Spread

Via Lorri Zipperer's blog Patient Safety: Focus on Information and Knowledge Transfer, I have learned a new phrase: framework for spread.

What is it, you ask?

According to this Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) white paper, "A key factor in closing the gap between best practice and common practice is the ability of health care providers and their organizations to rapidly spread innovations and new ideas. Pockets of excellence exist in our health care systems, but knowledge of these better ideas and practices often remains isolated and unknown to others."

So how do you spread good practices across a healthcare organization?

Zipperer mentions a few ideas for the framework for spread, including:

- sharing of stories,
- facilitating dialogue,
- convening learning groups and journal clubs,
- building knowledge maps

What else? What other KM practices can help this framework for spread in hospitals...and other organizations?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 3/3/07


Lorri Zipperer said…
Terrence - thanks for sharing this posting.

A large piece of the spread concept has to do with the notion of building and supporting a culture that is open to sharing what they know and learning from mistakes. Ideas along this line can be drawn from Senge's discussion of the notion of systems thinking and the "learning organization." Check out the site we built to support an individual's assessment of their systems thinking behaviors at:

Lorri Zipperer

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