Good Ride or Bad Trip

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about consulting...

- what is it? how is it different from being an employee? a technician? a contractor? a line manager?

- why do clients engage consultants? how do clients judge consultants?

- what does it take to be an effective consultant? how do effective consultants operate?

...and getting other people's perspectives on such questions (using LinkedIn). Plus I've been reading some really good books (e.g. Steele's Consulting for Organizational Change, Block's Flawless Consulting, Rasiel's The McKinsey Way, and Weinberg's The Secrets of Consulting) and I have another one on order (Maister's The Trusted Advisor).

One of the findings so far is that clients evaluate consultants on both results and process. With regard to process, clients tend to invite back those consultants that:

- communicated clearly and often
- facilitated a change process, and
- were easy and enjoyable to deal with ("good ride")

Other consultants took their clients on a "bad trip."

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 3/6/07


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