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Nimmy got tagged by Patrick (who was tagged by Dave and so on) to disclose her media consumption habits. Well, no one tagged me (can you tag yourself?), but I want to play.

Books - I have always been one of those people who reads too many books all at the same time...and ends up finishing only a few. Currently I have several going at once on the topic of consulting.

Print - Every day, I read the local paper, The Home News Tribune, and the best newspaper in New Jersey, the Star Ledger. As for magazines, I read Time magazine faithfully, as well as Rolling Stone.

Web - Every day I also get news from the web, including Google News, as well as The Daily Grail, Cryptomundo, The Anomalist, Fortean Times, and Posthuman Blues. I use Bloglines to keep up with such favorite topics as organizational change, learning, and effectiveness.

Radio - NPR is probably my favorite, though I do enjoy talk radio which is plentiful in the NY market. The food guy, Mike Colameco, on WOR is very good.

TV - My TV tastes are very specific. For entertainment, I watch 24 and House. For news, I watch Hardball.

Film - This is probably the media area of my greatest passion: I love movies. Always have. I rent movies via netflix and keep up with the latest in movies via IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

To keep the sharing going, I hereby tag the following: Astha Parmar, Mike Schaffner, Greg Deatz, Lisa Haneberg, and Phil Gerbyshak.

Added Note 3/8/07: Gautam got tagged by Nimmy and, in reading his post, he says "trust KM people to want to know how people keep themselves informed, heh, right?" Good point. Though I wonder, in this day and age, if there are many people who are not "KM people."

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 3/7/07


Nimmy said…
:) Terry! This is so cute! :D
I would like to tag you now! What say? Ha ha.
The next tag I get will by default come to you...whether you like that meme or not! ;)
Gautam Ghosh said…
I wish more people were "KM people", Terry, then we would have much better knowledge sharing and understanding others points of view :-)
Terrence said…
Hi Nimmy,
Glad you liked the tag. Feel free to tag me anytime.
Terrence said…
Hi GG,
I agree! Here's to spreading the KM virus.

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