Scrum and Organizational Change

Agile expert Pete Behrens has an entry at his blog , The Agile Executive, about Scrum and organizational change that is well worth a read for anyone in the organization development field.

Scrum has some interesting parallels to OD:

- Scrum is a participatory method

- Scrum is a coordinated effort to effect change

- Scrum facilitates collaboration

- Scrum emphasizes learning by focusing on "what went well, what went wrong and what the team wants to do differently in the next work interval."

There is even a Scrum Master, which sounds like something out of Tolkien and MiddleEarth...but that's just me.

Added Note: Just discovered The Change Management Blog. The latest entry is on this week's Nexus for Change in Ohio.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 3/20/07


SCRUM is a great methodology. Very interactive and user focused.

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