KUBA to Change

Blogger Fraser Kelton, at Disruptive Thoughts, offers KUBA as a change management tool:

K Know

U Understand

B Believe

A Act

He says: "It deconstructs nicely - individuals can’t act until they believe. They won’t believe until they understand. And they can’t understand until they know."

I like it.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 04/08/07


There are a couple of variations on this theme around. I like Prosci's ADKAR model:


That is, people need to be made aware of the change and the need for it, endorse (desire) it, know how to carry out the new roles and to work with the new (changed) system, be able to work in the new way (e.g. their boss or system processes or culture won't stop them) and then the changes need to be locked in and reinforced.

You can then map where people are at in this series of events and modify your change management activities appropriately (e.g. if they are at the beginning, you need to communicate the change to make them aware of it, you need to analyse stakeholder interests and plan/communicate accordingly to achieve endorsement, etc).

One difference is that ADKAR is focused more around the organisational change, KUBA seems to be focused more around individual (personal) change.
Terrence said…
I like ADKAR too.

These terms, KUBA and ADKAR, have an exotic sound, like they come from another language.

Maybe that's a good thing?

DT said…
I am going to do some research on ADKAR. Seems like an interesting tool to use along with KUBA.

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