Learning Conversations and Soft Skills

Couple things I noticed over the weekend...

A blog about Learning Conversations. Blogger and leadership development guy John Inman has some interesting thoughts about leaders and change. For example, he says:

"I have noticed that it is very easy for both me and my internal customers to focus on tasks and forget that the power of leadership comes from being in conversation. Executing tasks is important but will not create a world class organization. So the notion that I am exploring is how to reinforce conversation as a leadership practice."

And at Lauchlan Mackinnon's blog, Ideas and Innovation, he has anentry on a Bain report about Soft Skills, where Bain sees an increasing importance of such "soft" management skills as organisational culture, knowledge management, and innovation.

Mackinnon says:

"Organisations need to gain organisational development capabilities - culture is as important as strategy, and intangibles such as knowledge and creativity matter."

Amen to that.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 4/1/07


Wetherhaven said…
Thank you for visiting my blog learning conversations. I appreciate your focus on soft skills. I to have a strong background in relationship building and soft skills and see that as the entry point into effective leadership. I wish you the very best.

John Inman
Terrence said…
Hi John.
Welcome to my blog!
I do believe that "soft skills" are the hard stuff in organizational life...and the key to effective leadership.
BeeJay said…
The right bytes at the right time. Blog - on & goodluck! In my book softskills are more than what you are by training & qualification. Its all about ability, clarity & conviction being mixed with a little humility and flavored with a whiff of common sense. Goodluck! _____BeeJay Master Facilitator

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