Technology of Joy, Meaning, and Commitment

Through the NJODN, I had the good fortune of hearing Kenny Moore speak. As an internal consultant who says his job description is "awakening joy, meaning, and commitment in the workplace," he does organization development, change management, and leadership development for Keyspan Energy in New York.

An ex-priest, poet and artist, Moore is the bestselling author of The CEO and the Monk - One Company's Journey to Profits and Purpose.

In a brief presentation, Moore offered a lot of nourishment for the spirit, including:

- OD is concerned with predicaments, where there are no clear solutions. The challenge: find the right questions and create movement.

- OD is about mystery: Shut up and enter in with awe.

- OD is the practice of the impossible. It's a rare place. Not a lot of competition. Almost any small action can have big returns. You can't fail.

I like that approach to the impossible.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 04/13/07


Astha said…
Hi Terry,

I like the approach too. Specially the part about there being no clear solutions. I've always thought to be a good OD practitioner you need to constantly find and refine your own voice. And then find a way to stand by it while staying connected to the whole around you.

It draws at me I guess because of its eminent push toward self awareness and growth. And I don't always come through on that. But at least it keeps me trying!
Terrence said…
Hi Astha,
Nice to hear from you again!

You might enjoy this litte bit of synchronicity: I heard Kenny on Friday. On Saturday, I was visiting some friends at their new home and on one of their tables was a copy of Kenny's book.

How weird is that?

Sometimes the cosmos has a way of telling you, "Hey, Wake Up. Look here."


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