Hatred in the Workplace

It has been a while since I stopped by the Mass Bay OD blog. Blogger Jim Murphy has an interesting question-of-the-month going on about hatred between employees and managers.

Hatred is a strong word. When hatred is present in a relationship, I'd think that it was because something happened that sparked and fueled such a strong emotion.

It could have been...

- a betrayal

- an act of unfairness

- a decision that may have helped some, but hurt others

OD consultant and writer Bruce Katcher recently spoke at a Mass Bay OD meeting on this subject and facilitated a discussion of the OD practitioner's role in situations where hatred is felt.

My two cents would be that hatred is a strong flame. First, the heat has to be turned down, way down. Cool things off.

Then start a process of mediated dialogue intended to help each party to understand the other.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, May 27, 2007


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