Mobilizing Large Groups for Change

Through the New York Organization Development Network, I had the good fortune of meeting OD legend Billie Alban. Together with Barbara Bunker, Billie has "written the book" so to speak on whole system change in organizations. Their latest book pulls together some of the leading methods in large scale change.

In a brief presentation, Billie offered us a great deal of wisdom regarding organizational change, including:

- You need both the head and the heart

- Our job is to help people to "sit down and reason together"

- To make change sustainable, take the process you used in the meeting design and carry it back into the organization

- Help people to learn how to have better discussions

- OD is about "injecting hope" into organizations (with a nod to Herb Shepherd)

Hope that things can be better.

I like that idea.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, May 4, 2007


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