Design Your Own President

Consultant and author Karl Albrecht has an interesting survey right now where he is seeking input on the traits most required in a U.S. President.

He says: "I'm not trying to tell people how to pick a president; I'm only trying to help them think about it more clearly."

Why? Because when several "millions of people pull levers to express whatever definitions they're carrying around in their nervous systems," it leads to a decision with world-wide effects.

Here are the traits I wrote in:

- Honesty; Speaks the truth in plain terms

- Keeps his or her commitments; does not over promise and under deliver

- Listens and acknowledges what he or she has heard; seeks to hear all points of view, even that of the "enemy"

- Seeks participation in decision making from a broad array of stakeholders

- Understands history and learns from it

- Takes care to get to know and understand the major players on the world stage

- Is true to the founding values & principles of America

What do you think makes a good U.S. President?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, June 29, 2007


Scott said…
Huge question T! From my UK based point of view it is probably:

A world view
Ability to lead from a position of Ambiguity
...and HUGE ears

Terrence Seamon said…
Yes, Karl Albrecht has posed a huge question. And some (at ODNet) have wondered if it will do any good. Maybe not. But it's worth a try. Especially considering what is at stake.


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