Motivated! Engaged! Committed!

Thanks to Gautam, I found an article by Regina Miller on engagement where she wonders about the differences between employee engagement and employee commitment.

Whatever happened to employee motivation? No longer relevant?

Regina makes a good point when she says: "Your employer brand depends on your employees as advocates about how excited they are to work in an organisation as cool as yours– that cares about engaging people at work and that at the end of the day relies on engaged and committed employees to make the brand come to life for customers."

Do managers know how to do this? Do they have the leadership skills to motivate, engage, and build this level of commitment?

Added Note: Read this related piece by Caribbean blogger Francis Wade.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, June 27, 2007


Terrence Seamon said…
I am still trying to sort this all out.

Here’s my latest attempt:

- If I am motivated, I am moving in a focused direction toward goals.

- If I am engaged, I am working on these goals even when I’m not at work (e.g., on the train).

- If I’m committed, I am thinking of ways I can help the company beyond my own goals.

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