Engaging Brand, Engaged Employees

David Taylor, at Where's the Sausage? (great blog title), has an attention-grabbing entry called Employee Engagement is DEAD, where he says:

"...the biggest driver of pride in the company was working on "products and services are seen as the best", and that in turn, proud employees were more loyal, put in extra effort and recommend the company's products and services."

Bottom Line: The key to engaging your employees is to have an engaging brand.

Some other recent blog postings on engagement:

- Systematic HR on a Harvard Business study that includes employee engagement in a list of five human capital drivers

- Anna Farmery, of The Engaging Brand, on how to boost profits by engaging employees

- Some of theoutcomes of the 12th Annual ORC Employee Research Conference in London

- Ann Bares, of Compensation Force, on Towers Perrin study of how "work environment" affects employee engagement.

Added Note: And here is a podcast series from Ireland on employee engagement.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, July 9, 2007


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