The Future of Coaching

A recent article about coaching, by Marlene Prost in HR Executive Online, titled HR Using Less Executive Coaching, is causing a bit of a stir.

Prost writes: "Is the heyday of corporate executive coaching over? Apparently so, according to a recent survey that found companies are cutting back on using coaches.

"In its 2007 annual survey, Novations Group Inc., the Boston-based consulting and training organization, asked 322 HR professionals how much they rely on executive coaches. Of those who use coaches, one-third said that they rely less on them than in the past."

One third. That's big. Is the coaching wave starting to ebb?

Maybe companies are cutting back on some of the high-priced executive coaches, but I think a shift is taking place in favor of internal coaching.

Companies are gradually coming around to some important realizations about coaching:

1. that it's not just for the C-level (for example see Charan and Hunt & Weintraub)

2. that is can make a measurable impact on performance and profits

3. and that managers and supervisors are in the best position to provide results-focused coaching . . . if only they had the right skills.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, July 6, 2007


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